Your ECommerce Guide To 2018 Holiday Shopping

As we head towards the last few weeks of December, we want to finish off the year with a happy ending. What better ways to celebrate that but Christmas? Just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you want to ensure your business is set up nicely for the holidays sales so you can maximize your profits. In this article, we will share with you what you need to do to have your store ready for the 2018 holiday shopping.

Packaging Inserts

A packaging insert is an additional free item that ecommerce retailers sometimes like to add into the order. They are unexpected and the intent is to build valuable relationships with customers. If you want to exceed your customer’s expectation this holiday, it’s worth the time to do packaging inserts.

Package inserts are also a great way to do cross-selling and increase sales when you give out discount offers. Since you already know exactly what your customer likes and what they bought from your store, you can simply include a small card with the coupon code inside the customer’s package, letting them know that you appreciate their support in your business and hope that they’ll enjoy their order.

You don’t need to invest a lot into packaging inserts. They can be low-cost. Besides offering a discount code, you can also give out product samples, small gifts like stickers and pins, or keep it simple with a thank-you card. This will also be a good opportunity for you to kindly ask for a product review or for customers to share their experience on social media to increase your online presence.

Seasonal Products

If you’re doing dropshipping, it’s never too late to do seasonal products for your store. You can create a limited-time collection of products where the items are only available during the holidays.This will create urgency and scarcity of these products, which can help increase your sales. These products don’t necessarily have to be festive (since it might be hard if you’re selling items like hiking gear), but you just have to make the point obvious that they are seasonal, which means they will be gone after the holiday is over.

Gift Sets

Bundle your products into different gift sets for this year’s holiday shopping. You can show how much the customer can save by buying the gift set on the product page to boost conversion and make the customer feel better about purchasing it. Simply create bundles on Shopzie and it will automatically fulfill all the products as one order. If you want togo for the extra mile, you can even offer holiday gift wrapping and Christmas cards to go along with the gift set.

If you keep a blog on your store, you can also create holiday gift guides featuring your products. However, even if you don’t have a blog, you can still create it by uploading a short and simple post on your social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

Social Media Marketing

You should also use your social media channels to promote holiday shopping for your store. You can announce any special deals and discounts that you might be offering. It’s also a common practice for many ecommerce stores to do timed or daily deals through their social media channels. For example, a lot of them does a holiday marketing campaign called12 Days of Christmas, which basically means the store has a different deal or giveaway every day for 12 days straight. This kind of holiday campaign works very well because it gives the element of surprise, excitement, and scarcity.Customers are more likely to purchase because of this campaign since they believe that they might not see this kind of special offer anymore after day is over.

Contests & Games

Contests and games are promotional tactics for ecommerce retailers to acquire new customers and engage with existing customers, while building your brand awareness online. For the holidays, createChristmas editions of contests and games to get your customers excited and ready to buy. The prizes can range from small to large, so get creative with the rules of the games.

5 social media contest ideas:

  • Followers name a caption of a funny post. Best caption wins.
  • Followers name a new product of yours. Best name wins.
  • Entries to win by likes, shares, follows, etc. Random draw to win.
  • Your business collaborates with another brand for a special giveaway.
  • Spin to win. Use a Shopify app called Wheelio for setup.

Clarify Shipping Info

Shipping can be such a headache, especially during one of the busiest times of the year. Be sure to clarify your shipping information on your website and communicate with your customers. It’s important to let them know that if delays are expected so you won’t get any angry customers coming to you at customer service. You should also let yourAliExpress vendors know ahead of time that you expect to have an increase of orders for the holidays, so both you and the vendor are well prepared to avoid out of stock inventory.

It’s also a good idea to renew or adjust your refund and exchange policy if you find it necessary. Many retailers, online or not, will have special refund policy where they only allow customers to return or exchange their products during the holidays within a specific period of time. This is to ensure that you won’t get an insane amount of refunds after the holidays is over, saving your business from losing too much profit.


In this article, we went over Christmas strategies for products, social media content, and store set up. Follow these tips to get your business ready for the holiday shopping and prepare ahead of time so you can bank in the most of your profits.