Top 10 Paid Shopify Apps That’s Worth Your Money

When you’re running an ecommerce business with Shopify, many store owners find adding apps very useful. If you’re in for looking some apps that cost a little extra but offers powerful premium features, we’ve created a list of top 10 paid Shopify apps that’ll totally worth your money.

1. Conversio Marketing Automation

$20/month with 30-day free trial.

Conversio is not your typical email marketing tool. It allows you to segment different emails to send at the right time to increase your open rate. They have pre-made conversion driven campaigns for you to recover any abandoned carts, so even if you don’t know anything about email marketing, Conversio does everything for you. Our favorite feature from Conversio is actually the drag-and-drop tool. You can customize your emails to increase your customer lifetime value through receipts emails, simply by dragging and dropping their upsell modules. It helps you send better and smarter emails to boost sales.

Main focus:Optimize sales and conversion with email marketing.

2. Bold Upsell

$9.99/month with 14-day free trial.

Upselling and cross-selling are incredibly important in helping you get more sales. With Bold Upsell, it lets you display pop-up offers that customers can add with just a click. If a customer purchases a pair of sneakers, you can cross-sell them with a pair of socks. You can customize the pop-up anywhere you want on your site, like the product page, add to cart, and even after check out. Using this app is a great marketing strategy especially with the holidays coming up very soon.

Main focus:Boost sales with upsell and cross-sell.

3. SEO Manager

$20/month with 7-day free trial.

If SEO is something very foreign to you, then this app might save your day. SEO Manager makes it easy for you to understand and implement SEO measures so your website can rank higher in search engines. They have a step-by-step system that guides you through all of their app’s tools, and they even have detailed articles for you to learn more aboutSEO. What we love about this app is the amount of effort they dedicated in supporting users who don’t know anything about SEO. It’s almost comparable to an educational center for SEO, but it also includes powerful features to improve your website’s ranking. They have features like SEO scan, meta content tools, keyword suggestions, and more.

Main focus: Improve SEO even when you’re not an expert.

4. Wheelio

Starting at $14.92/month with 7-day free trial.

Some of your site visitors may find the classic pop-up annoying. Heck, even we don’t like them. But what if you can turn your pop-ups and collection of emails into a fun little game? Wheelio keeps you customers happy and entertained by gamifying opt-ins. How Wheelio works is when a visitor tries to leave your website, instead of having the traditional pop-up, a spin-to-win wheel will appear for a chance to get small to big prizes. Why this works very well is because the game makes your visitor feel like there’s a genuine chance that he or she can win something big, so even the perception of just getting a small discount code or coupon appears to be higher.

Main focus:Retain customers and increase conversions through gamified pop-ups.

5. Order Lookup

$10/month with 7-day free trial.

Order Lookup reduces the need for customer support by giving customers real-time order tracking information. Once you have their app installed, your customers can look up the status of their order with their email or order number directly on your website. It works very well for those in the dropshipping industry because it is integrated with ePacket, ChinaEMS, China Post, and many other carriers.

Main focus:Improve customer service by offering live order tracking.

6. Recart Messenger Marketing

$29/month with 28-day free trial.

If you are searching for an app that does abandoned cart reminders, send out order receipt, fulfillment notification, purchase follow-up and more, Recart Messenger Marketing might be something you want to look into. Recart is basically a Facebook messenger bot that sends out pre-built, automated messages to your customers. It’s one of the best ways to boost your conversion rate without doing anything. Chat messengers will beat your email open rates by 4-times because it is instant, engaging, and responsive. It also helps you build a valuable list of subscribers without any emails needed. Our favorite feature about Recart is their powerful abandoned cart tool. You can use their abandoned cart campaigns for Facebook Messenger to remind your customers to finish their purchase.

Main focus: Increase conversion through Facebook messenger marketing.

7. Subscriptions By ReCharge

$59.99/month with 60-day free trial.

If you run a subscription and recurring business, Subscriptions By Recharge is the golden nugget for you. At first glance, this app may seem a little pricey, but it does bring your subscription service to the next level. You can easily transform any of your existing one-time products into monthly subscriptions. This is especially useful for those of you that are selling household goods and lifestyle products like laundry detergent, deodorant, coffee, makeup products, basically any items that you use on a daily basis. Turning any one-time use products into a recurring service brings you consistent revenue and sales. This app makes managing your subscription-based business effortless by configuring delivery and cut-off dates, inventory forecasting, order management and more.

Main focus:Increase revenue by transforming one-time products into a subscription.

8. Shogun Page Builder

Starting at $19/month with 10-day free trial.

You don’t have to be a total tech geek to build beautiful pages for your website. With Shogun Page Builder, you can customize your landing pages, blog pages, and product pages easily with their drag-and-drop function. Even if you are lacking in creativity, Shogun already has more than 30 professionally designed pages for you to choose from. The pages you create with Shogun are also mobile responsive, reaching customers that are on both desktop and smartphones. They also have a library filled with conversion-driven features like countdown timer, custom add to cart button, sliders, and social buttons to add onto your pages.

Main focus:Increase conversion with customizable page builder.

9. Pre-Order Manager

$24.95/month with 14-day free trial.

Pre-Order Manager is an app for well-established stores that want to scale up their business by offering customers a pre-order option. The app will automatically change any of your out of stock products from the add to cart button to a pre-order button. When the holidays season just right around the corner, your items may run out of stock really fast. By providing a pre-order option, you won’t lose any valuable customers and give them the chance to buy a similar item from somewhere else. Pre-ordering also gives your customers a peace of mind since they know that your products will get to them eventually even though it’s temporarily unavailable.

Main focus:Push sales by offering pre-order.

10. Return Magic

$10/month with 30-day free trial.

Return Magic is the perfect solution for your returns. It takes the pain out of returns for both you and your customers by creating your own branded portal where you can automate cash, gift card refunds, support exchanges, and more. You’ll be able to easily refund your customers on their original payment method (and yes, including Shopify Payments). While this app does automate part of the refunding process, you’ll also still need to approve any transaction to ensure everything is safe and secured.

Main focus: Improve customer experience by automating your refund process.


We hope that you’ll find this list of 10 paid Shopify apps helpful for you and your business. You will be paying these apps at a premium price, but we believe that the features and tools that they offer will transform your business by improving sales, customer support, customer experience, and more.