Top 10 Free Shopify Apps You Need To Install

No matter how great you are at running your ecommerce business, we still sometimes need a little help. Apps are inexpensive, practical, and some of them are even free. In this article, we will share with you the top 10 free Shopify apps that you need to install to turbocharge your online store.

1. Sales Pop

Sales Pop is extremely popular for ecommerce stores. What Sales Pop does is that they will constantly pop up a little notification bubble at the bottom of your page to show the activities of other customers. When a visitor sees the notification, it instantly adds urgency and validity. It shows urgency because it makes people feel more compelled to buy if they believe that they are missing out on products while other people are buying. They also help build social proof to store visitors, demonstrating that people from all over the world are making purchases on your site.

Main focus: Boost conversions with urgency and social proof.

2. Product Reviews

Product Reviews is another social proof building app. It provides customers a simple way to engage with your business by leaving reviews on your product page. It’s also great for SEO building by adding review scores to your Google search results, and improving your store’s experience based on what customers left on the reviews. Inside their app, you can organize and manage the reviews by unpublishing or flagging reviews.

Main focus: Build social proof with product reviews.

3. Countdown Cart

Countdown Cart creates a strong sense of urgency with a countdown timer on your product page. This comes in especially helpful when you have a limited-time sale or offer, encouraging people to purchase now rather than later. The timer works very well on impulsive customers, because they feel like they can’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Main focus: Creates urgency with a countdown timer.

4. MailChimp

MailChimp is a popular email marketing tool. It adds customer’s emails and their purchase data, and you can create targeted email campaigns to generate more sales. By setting up automatic email marketing campaigns, you can remind customers about the items they left in their cart, their previously purchased items, receipts, follow-up emails, and more. It’s a simple and powerful way to connect with your customers and retarget them.

Main focus: Retarget customers with email marketing.

Note: MailChimp has a free plan available with some limitations.

5. Bold Multi-Currency

Store owners who just started their business may not need this app, but those who want to scale up their store to international sales may find this very helpful. Bold Multi-Currency is a currency converter that automatically detects your customer’s location and show your prices in their local currency. You can even choose to use real-time currency rates or set your own rates manually. By doing so, you can maintain a consistent profit margin since you don’t have to worry about currency exchange rates that fluctuate often. Using a currency converter on your store also builds trust with your customers.

Main focus: Scale up your store with currency converter.

6. Free Persistent Cart App

This app can reduce your abandoned carts and increase orders. It’s very common that a lot of customers will start shopping on one device like a smartphone, stops halfway, and switch to another. Persistent Cart App saves the items that the customers put in their cart, so even if the customer leaves from their mobile phone to their desktop, they will see the same items on their cart again. This makes it a lot easier for customers to complete their order because the items in the cart will constantly remind them wherever they go. Syncing abandoned orders across multiple devices also smooths out your customer experience.

Main focus: Reduce abandoned carts and increase sales.

7. Privy

Privy allows you to create exit pop-ups and banners to improve your conversions. It helps you to target your customers depending on the actions they take on your website, like exiting, scrolling, abandoned carts, and more. What also makes Privy so powerful is their ability to grow your customer’s list. For example, you can create a pop-up with a discount code to retain your customer from leaving, but in order for them to get the code, they have to provide their email address. This is a smart and subtle way to grab customer’s information. Our favorite tool from Privy is Spin to Win Wheels. It’s a fun and interactive way for customers to win small to large prizes on your store. Again, in order for the customer to receive the gift, they have to give you their email.

Main focus: Drive conversions with exit pop-ups and more.

Note: Privy has a free plan available with some limitations.

8. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Create customizable loyalty programs with Smile. It’s important to show your appreciation to customers once in a while and keep them loyal at the same time. You can build a point system that your customers can redeem for discounts, free products, free shipping, and more. With Smile, you can even create VIP programs and referral programs to increases sales. Having a loyalty program is a common practice for many businesses, because it’s a great and easy way to retain your customers.

Main focus: Build a loyal customer base with reward programs.

Note: Smile has a free plan available with some limitations.

9. Ali Reviews – Product Reviews

Just like the review app we shared earlier, this one also allows you to add customer reviews on your product page. The biggest difference about this app is that you can actually import authentic AliExpress reviews to your website. Waiting for your customers to leave reviews might take some time, especially when you just started on your business because you might still be struggling with getting the first sale. With Ali Reviews, you can import authentic reviews from AliExpress to your store to attract more customer and build social proof. However, you don’t want to just add all the reviews you see on AliExpress. Choose reviews that are 4 stars or above, have useful content, and the ones with pictures.

Main focus: Build social proof by importing reviews from AliExpress.

Note: Ali Reviews has a free plan available with some limitations.

10. Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat provides real-time chat support to your store visitors. When you install the app, you’ll see a little chat symbol at the bottom right hand corner of your store, where your customers can chat with you or one of your customer support representatives instantly. With this live chat option, you are making your business very accessible and reachable, building customer trust. Since this app is connected to Facebook, the chat history between you and your customers will remain forever. This feature enables you to continue the conversation with them even after they left your store, without the need to require any information to follow up.

Main focus: Engage and support your customers with live chat.


While all the apps we shared in this article are useful, it’s not necessary for you to install them all. This depends on the needs of your store and how you want to shape your business. But if you are looking for apps that can turbocharge your store even while you’re on a budget, one of these apps just might be the right one for you.