How to Find Good Products on AliExpress

As new entrepreneurs enter into the dropshipping world, the biggest challenge for them is probably picking out products to sell. It’s one of those decisions that ultimately differentiate your business between success and failure.

With millions of products available online, choosing the right product can be overwhelming on AliExpress. You hear stories about fake suppliers, products with bad quality, and not to mention, why are there so many of the same product from different suppliers?

In this article, you’ll learn 6 useful strategies to help you find the right product to sell on AliExpress. First off, let’s go over why you should use AliExpress for dropshipping.

Why AliExpress?

AliExpress is an online marketplace with a huge selection of products where you can choose to sell in your store. Just imagine Amazon, but a specific version for dropshippers. Here’s why AliExpress is so popular used for dropshipping:

  • Competitive prices: Because most AliExpress suppliers are manufacturers from China, you can buy products at wholesale prices and sell it for much higher to increase your margin.
  • No upfront cost or hidden fees: You can start dropshipping products right away without any financial commitment. Suppliers would not ask for any handling fee.
  • Products come with great photos: Most AliExpress suppliers provide excellent product images that you can use for your website, along with detailed product descriptions. You can quickly transfer and edit all the information using Shopzie’s Chrome extension.

But now comes the question – why would someone buy from your store when they can just buy the same product cheaper on AliExpress?

Good marketing and being the first to reach your customers give you a comparative advantage. Often times, people buy from you because through proper marketing, your business is adding some sort of value in the customer’s life, whether it is brand name itself, providing content, or excellent customer service.

6 strategies on how to find good products on AliExpress

  1. Choose products that offer ePacket delivery
  2. Try your best to choose products that offer ePacket shipping because compared to other shipping methods, it has one of the fastest delivery times along with tracking information provided.

    You can find out if a product offers ePacket or not by clicking into the product page on AliExpress and select Shipping. With Shopzie’s Chrome extension, you can easily use the ePacket filter to find the right products without clicking into the product page.

  3. Don’t always go for the lowest price
  4. When you’re searching for products, you might find that there are a lot of AliExpress suppliers that offer the same product but with different prices. Don’t make a decision right away to buy when you find a product from a supplier with the lowest price. Although the products may look similar, different pricing could mean a difference in product quality.

    Instead, you should analyze the product by checking its star rating and reviews. Just like how people would do the same on Amazon or any other online retail store, you look for social proof that the product is good quality. You should pay attention to reviews that come with pictures to ensure the product actually looks the same as the product from the images the supplier provided. Also, don’t forget to also check out the reviews that gave 4 stars or less, to see if the product has any problems or issues.

  5. Buy products from Suppliers that have good feedback score
  6. Another way to look for social proof to evaluate the quality of your product from a specific supplier is to check the feedback score. But don’t get confused. The feedback score is a rating system for the supplier, not the product. So, if the supplier has a good feedback score, then the supplier is reliable.

    You can also look at the number of orders the supplier received. Generally speaking, the more orders the supplier has, the more trustworthy he or she is.

  7. Order samples before you decide
  8. If you are still unsure about the product quality even after checking product reviews and supplier’s feedback score, you can always order samples from products you’re planning to sell. During this time, you can also test to see how long it takes for the product to arrive, as well as the packaging used for shipping.

  9. Avoid selling trademark and copyrighted products
  10. AliExpress is also a common place for counterfeit or knockoff items to appear. If you are unsure if the product is genuine or not, contact the supplier and ask if they are the authorized seller. Even if it is an authorized seller, you should find out if you are allowed to resell these copyright and trademark products. You don’t want to get into any legal issues.

  11. Avoid suppliers with low response rate
  12. For example, if a customer suddenly files for a reshipment on a product, you would want to contact your supplier right away for it. But what if your supplier doesn’t tend to respond immediately in emergency situation like this?

    In order to protect your business and keep your customers happy, you should check how responsive your AliExpress supplier is before deciding to import products from them. You can check by sending a message to the supplier though AliExpress and see how quickly you receive a response back from them. A successful business often comes with good business partnerships.


Product research is a tedious yet important task. However, it doesn’t have to be. Follow the strategies above and with proper preparation and help from technology like Shopzie, you can zero down on the most suitable product in no time.