How Does Shopzie Work?

Shopzie makes it easy for you to find, fulfill and profit from your awesome products.

step 1 - Import Products

Import Products

Use Shopzie to upload products with just a click. With our chrome extension, you can effortlessly view which product offers ePacket and their vendor processing time to ensure you picked the best product for your store! If you need more time to think and organize your product offerings, simply bookmark the products into a list and publish them anytime you want.

step 2 - Sell Your Products

Sell Your Products

Quickly expand your product offerings by turning a single product with many variants into each individual product. Customize your product options and create irresistible sales event with our multi-bundling tool by selling bundles of product by quantity, vendor, or variant. Shopzie will automatically fulfill the bundle on AliExpress for you.

step 3 - Place An Order

Place An Order

Shopzie fulfills all your Shopify orders with just a simple click. If you have an overwhelming amount of orders, Shopzie can fulfill all of them at once under one easy transaction.

step 4 - Ship Your Order

Ship Your Order

Once an order is placed on AliExpress, Shopzie will automatically check for the tracking information and update it on Shopify to let your customers know. In addition, Keep your customers satisfied with Shopzie’s instant notification on price changes and product availability, so you can have full control of your store’ offerings.

step 5 - Earn Even More

Earn Even More

For every order you place through Shopzie, enjoy up to 6.9% cashback on AliExpress instantly and save on your future purchases. With that extra 6.9% profit, you can invest it back into your business or pocket it yourself!