How Dropshippers Benefit from shopzie

See how you can benefit with Shopzie

6.9% Cashback

Earn Up To 6.9% Cashback On Your Orders

Every order you placed with Shopzie, you can enjoy up to 6.9% cashback from our partnership. With Shopzie you instantly make up to 6.9% more profit for your store without doing anything.

Importa product with 1-click

Import Product With 1-Click

With Shopzie, you can quickly and easily add products from AliExpress directly to your Shopify store with just a click of a button. With a complete built-in editor, you can have full control and seamlessly edit all product details before publishing it to your store!

Makes your product research easy

Makes Your Product Research Easy

Shopzie has the ability to filter out your supplier who does not offer e-packet and showcasing the hidden processing time that your vendors are hiding from you.

Place an order with 1-click

Place An Order With 1-Click

Stop wasting time with copy and pasting customer information and placing the order. Shopzie can fulfill all of your orders with 1-click even if you have thousands of order to fulfill, it’s all just 1-click.

Auto-order tracking

Auto-Order Tracking

Once your supplier on AliExpress has uploaded the tracking number to your orders, Shopzie will automatically fetch them, update it on your Shopify store and notify your customer instantly without you lifting your finger.

3rd party app migration

3rd Party App Migration

Effortlessly switch from your Oberlo or Dropified account to Shopzie with our migration tool. Your existing products and orders will be migrated to Shopzie hassel-free. No syncing required.

Handle thousands of orders with bulk ordering

Handle Thousands Of Orders With Bulk Ordering

Whether you have ten, hundreds or thousands of orders you need to place to your supplier, Shopzie has a state-of-the-art bulk ordering feature where in a few clicks you can have all you orders placed within minutes without wasting time on repeated tasks.

Product customization

Product Customization

With Shopzie’s smart variant mapping feature, you can customize your own product variant names that differ from the vendor’s variant names, and Shopzie will still know how to fulfill the right product variant for you.

Pricing Automation

Pricing Automation

Set a default price markup by percentage or dollar amount and let Shopzie automatically apply it to all your products when you add them to your Shopify store with just 1-click. You can even set a end forces in .97 or .49 or whatever you like to leverage the retail selling psychology.

Turn multiple variants into multiple products

Turn Multiple Variants Into Multiple Products

With just 1-click, Shopzie can quickly expand your product offerings by turning a single product with many variants into each individual product in your Shopify store.

Product bundling for more profits

Product Bundling For More Profits

Create your own bundles product offering based on quantity, variants and even different products from different suppliers all into one and Shopzie will automatically order and fulfill the bundle product offerings you created worry-free.

Inventory Notifications

Inventory Notifications

When your supplier is out of stock, you will disappoint your customers and will cause your dropshipping business on Shopify to lose money. With Shopzie, we never let that happen. Each time a product is out of stock, we will send you a notification so within a few clicks, you can switch your vendor so it doesn’t interrupt your business.

Easy product management

Easy Product Management

In a hurry while you’re researching for your winning product? With Shopzie, we make it simple. You can simply bookmark products into your product list and use tags to organize products for easier management, and then if you decide to publish it to your Shopify store, you’re just 1-click away.

Price change alerts

Price Change Alerts

Your goal is to make profit. Each time your supplier changes the price of your products, Shopzie will notify you right away. No matter if it is a price increase or a sale happening to your product, you can make the right move to profit from it.

Multi-store connection

Multi-Store Connection

We want you to have an eCommerce entire. The more stores you have the more profit you’ll make and with that in mind, at Shopzie, we don’t want to restrict you with just one store, we want you to have as many as you want and we won’t charge you a single penny more for however many stores you have unlike other providers. Just one Shopzie account is all you need.