7 Tips To Identifying Winning Products

The foundation of all dropshipping business is products. But this isn’t a race about getting the greatest number of products. It all drills down to one single product or a handful of them that your target audience would love. These products are called winning products or golden products.

Once you’ve found the one, you can easily scale up your store, and one winning product is all it takes. In this article, we will share 7 tips on how and where to identify winning products.

1. Amazon New Releases

Amazon is king when it comes to ecommerce. You may not know about this but, there is actually a hidden section on Amazon and it’s called Amazon Best Sellers. You can’t find this page on their website, so you would have to go on a search engine like Google. Simply type in “Amazon Best Sellers” and it should be the first link on the page.

Now, we’re not done here yet. You don’t want to source your products from the best seller page because in our opinion, by the time the product gets to that page, the sales would be too saturated and competitive. Instead, you should try going into the “New Releases” and “Movers & Shakers” sections.

  • New Releases: Products that are recently added into Amazon and are on the rise. This section is updated every hour so you will find something new all the time.
  • Movers & Shakers: Products that have been on Amazon for a while but their sales have yet to take off. Amazon shows their growth increase in percentages, so if you notice a product suddenly taking off, it might be a winning product.

2. Watch Count

eBay also plays a huge role in ecommerce. There is a tool called Watch Count that tells you what products are being most watched on eBay. It combines all the people that are watching a certain product, and list them from highest to lowest.

3. Facebook Ad

You can go on Facebook and see exactly what your competitors are selling through their ads. Every Facebook Page has a section called “Info and Ads” where it shows all the active ads that your competitors are running. You can spy on what your competitors are selling, and even mimic on how they create their ads.

4. ePacket

ePacket is the fastest and cheapest delivery option on AliExpress that also offers tracking information. However, not all products have ePacket available. Your winning product must have ePacket in order to ensure the best delivery for your customer. With Shopzie’s chrome extension, an orange box will automatically appear around products that have ePacket on AliExpress. This method allows you to quickly pinpoint which product has ePacket and ignore those that don’t offer it.

5. Order Processing Time

A lot of people don’t consider about order processing time, because AliExpress doesn’t even tell you about it. Nowhere on their website says anything about processing time, yet it makes a huge impact on your delivery.

Order processing time is different from shipping time. It is the period it takes for the vendor to process the order. For example, if the order processing time is 5 days, and shipping is 10 days, then it takes a total of 15 days for the product to arrive on your customer’s doorstep.

With Shopzie, our technology grabs the information from the backend of AliExpress and we can tell you the approximate days it takes for the order to process. Your winning product should have an order processing time of 3 days or less. Because you are sourcing your products all the way from China, shipping already takes quite a bit of time. You want to shorten your order processing time to ensure the overall delivery time is as short as possible. Be sure that you have our Chrome extension installed in order to view the processing time.

6. Mass-Marketable 

When a product is mass-marketable, it means it appeals and can be sold to a lot of people. For example, if you are in the fishing niche, would anyone in the same niche want to buy that product? If it does, then you would have a lot of scaling opportunities to increase your sales.

It also adds a great selling point if your product can solve a common problem for your target audience because it adds value into their life. You can use the customer’s problem as the “pain point” and portray your product as the hero that comes into their life to erase the problem.

7. Be The Expert In Your Niche

You want to be the expert within your own niche to find winning products. This means, you need to know what’s trending in the market. Products that are currently trending are great options for your dropshipping business. You want to try sourcing trending products before they hit commercial markets to keep it less competitive for you. Because by the time the product is available in local stores, it usually means the online market is already exhausted.

You can go on the following sites to find trending products:

  • Google Trends


Finding a winning product may take weeks, if not, months. This is a necessary step that every dropshipper must take, and we all understand how painful it is. But once you’ve found the right one, it would be very rewarding and you can easily scale up with it. The best way to test if your product is a winner is simply put it out on the market and advertise it. If you don’t find it selling well, remember not to get too attached to the product. Move on right away and repeat the cycle until you’ve found the one. We hope what we’ve shared in this article will help you better in searching for your winning product. Good luck!