5 Reasons Why You Need A Link Management Software

Link management is about organizing, editing, analyzing, and having full control over all the links you share online. When you use a link management software, it often times comes with a bunch of other tools that allow you to optimize your marketing efforts. The tools offered by each link management software varies, but their most basic function is to shorten your links.

Links are a crucial asset to any businesses, no matter how big or small they are. They connect your brand with everyone online, presenting the opportunity to drive traffic to your website and increase conversion. In this article, we will share 5 reasons why you should get your hands on a link management software right now.

Reason #1 – Makes Your Links More Memorable

Let’s do a quick comparison. Which of these links is easier to remember?

I’m sure the answer is obvious. Link management software not only can shorten your long URLs, but you can customize them to make them more memorable. Your short custom links present the uniqueness of your brand. Links that are easier to remember prompts people to engage with your content more because they can read and understand what the link is about. Like the example you see above, you can tell right away that you’ll be directed to a page that shows a hoodie in medium size. It lets you deliver a message using just a simple link.

Reason #2 – Increase Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Click-through-rate (CTR), is the number of times a link is clicked divided by the number of times it has been viewed. For example, if your link was viewed 10 times but only got clicked once, your CTR would be 10%.

Since you can customize your URLs with a link management software, you can get really creative with your shorten links. By having a call-to-action on your custom link, you can easily increase your CTR like so:

The length of your URLs also affects the CTR. Seriously, when was the last time you saw someone shared a super long URL online filled with random looking numbers and alphabets? There’s a reason why people don’t do that anymore. Long URLs not only decreases the readability of your link, it also makes it look like a spam, discouraging people to click. To make your links look legitimate and stand out, you can capitalize the first letter of each word in your custom link like so:

Reason #3 – Link Tracking And Analytics 

Tracking and analyzing your link performance is the second most important thing when it comes to using a link management software. You’re wasting your marketing efforts if you don’t know how well your links performed. Being able to see and track the data of your links is very helpful in knowing which links people are more responsive to, which in turn can increase your traffic and sales. Some link management software even show your data in real-time.

By tracking your link, you can even retarget certain people who clicked on your URL on link management software that offers this ability. Link retargeting gives you the power to drive highly-targeted traffic for half the cost. When the audience is already warming up to you, the chances of getting a conversion would be even higher.

Reason #4 – Better Organization And Management

Having all your links organized on a central dashboard makes it a lot easier for management. You can easily see the performance of all your links at a glance. In some link management software, you can even keep your links organized by putting tags on them. Tagging comes in very handy especially when you have a lot of links created. You can quickly and easily search for a certain link by tags.

Reason #5 – Optimize Micro-Blogging Platforms

Another huge reason why you want to shorten your long URLs is because of the rise of micro-blogging platforms. Social media sites like Instagram and Twitter don’t provide a lot of space for text, unlike Facebook. You don’t want your long URLs to take up the entire post, especially if the person is on a mobile platform. Their screens are a lot smaller than desktop, so you want to optimize your posts, ads, and links to fit into a tiny screen like your phone.

3 Popular Link Management Software  

If you haven’t noticed yet, is our favorite link management software. What we love about is that they actually secure your link data. Did you know that if you simply add a “+” behind any shorten links (besides the ones made from, you can see the data and performance of the link? This is a scary thought since you don’t want your competitors to find out how you’re doing, because after all, knowledge is power. Other than, there are a lot of other link management software out there. Here are 3 popular ones that we’ve found:

  • Bitly
  • Rebrandly


Custom short links provide a lot of benefits to all ecommerce businesses. They build trusts and generate higher CTR. They also provide a great way to track and analyze your link performance, not letting your marketing efforts go to waste. We hope that this article helped you understand better on what a link management software is and its importance.